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Dr. Jules Nabet Peeling Act | Beauty products in Dubai | UAE fashion shop
Dr. Jules Nabet Peeling Act | Online beauty products Dubai | Online shopping for women in UAE
Dr. Jules Nabet Peeling Act | Online makeup store uae | Online fashion UAE
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Dr. Jules Nabet Peeling Act

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    PH acid aqueous solution, 100ml.
    Helps removing black heads and prevents the appearance of milia. Gives a clean effect on the skin.

    Benefits: Help the skin regenerate deep-down once rid of its surface dead cells and impurities.

    Target: Rebalance oily skin, help to remove blackheads, and prevent the appearance of milia. Give a clean effect on the skin.

    Application: To use soft peeling on the face, neck and the low neckline (taking care of protecting the eyes with a compress or an eye dressing before application) 4 to 5 minutes maximum then rinse thoroughly with water.

    Action: Soft peeling is based on glycolic natural acid measured at 20% which also acts as a thorough cleanser It allows the skin, once it has got rid of the dead cells and impurities to regenerate itself thoroughly. Its purification action allows the pores to tighten.


    Natural glycolic acid (vegetal) at 20 %
    Gluconate of Cu
    Gluconate Zinc